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Record label: good music for good ears
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Cgn music, the small new record label with ears for good


Music is the way of expression, the way to show joy, happiness and sorrow. Music should be fun, easy to listen to, everywhere and any time. With todays internet it is easy to get what ever music you want.

Exceptionell music.

Through the years we discovered that there are hundres and hundres of great talents sitting in there basement, boys and girls room and houses, just waiting or doing nothing. Unfortunately the big dragons in the music industry doesnt listen to this talents. But with todays internet world we can put the music on line with ease.  
amplifie your ears

Pump up the volume

Some music demands high level loudspeakers but watch your ears and be careful so you dont destroy your hearing.

Music in your cellphone

Soon we will be able to let you get our music in your cellphone from ITunes or Spotify. Producing & writing music. We can help with your production. Are you missing some songs? Dont worry. We will help you.